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Wat leuk dat je hier komt kijken! Op dit moment ben ik heel druk met mijn site aan het vullen. Een beetje leeg dus nog... 😉
Maar als je alles in 'real life' wilt zien, het hangt in april 2020 in Freedomlab (Plantage Middenlaan 62, Amsterdam). Met een 'Private Viewing' kan je het werk bekijken met max. 2 personen tegelijk, alleen op afspraak. Neem vooral contact op als je interesse hebt! #StaySafe #StayHealthy


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The Black Void

During my meditations, often guided ones by Joe Dispenza, I focus on ‘The Black Void’ around us. Our internal space ‘behind’ our eyes. You will get there, if you just simply close your eyes.

During our days we often focus on 1 thing at the same time, a goal or a task. The idea to focus on the Black Void is to open your focus. The result of opening your focus regularly, makes your brain think in new or other possibilities, instead of only the ‘one road’ you had in mind. At the same time, the goal is to create ‘Heart & Brain coherence’. In that state you will feel less fear, less stress, less anxiety, it brings you to a place of more ‘bliss’.

But focussing on a Black Void, on completely nothing, was also very hard for me. So to make it more bearable for my own mind I started to imagine this Black Void filled with dots. And these works are a 2D representation of it.


70 x 100 cm, Acryl, Linen, Liquid Glass, Pouring medium