I am a photo- and videographer, who graduated from the temporary program 'CureMaster' at the Sandberg Institute in 2016. This masters program focussed on creating works related to mental as well as physical health.

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My Dad’s House

This is how his house ended up…

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The Candy Girl

Can we force empathy upon your public?

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Smile the pain away

What facial expressions do we have while enduring pain?

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The Waiting Room

Graduation show ‘CureMaster’ Program @ Sandberg Institute 2016

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Apple of My Eye

A magazine with a collection of letters to parents and more…

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“Like Father Like Daughter”

Are my house and my Dad’s house look-a-likes?

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Water in my Face

How does it feel when you get glasses of water thrown in your face?

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A letter to my Dad

Does it make you feel better to express yourself fully in a letter to a parent?

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“Like Father Like Daughter (part II)”

Can I write such an extensive detailed diary like my Dad did?

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