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Water in my Face

The most painful experience I had was when I was like 11 years old. My dad was in the phase of having psychosis and it got so bad, that my mom slept over at a friend, during only one night. That night my dad woke my brother and me in the middle of the night. He was outrageous. He sat against a door and started screaming and bouncing the door behind him with his elbows. ‘I am not allowed to cry’, he yelled, ‘because of what ‘they” had done to him’. He ordered my brother to get a cup of water, and demanded he needed to throw it in his face, when he would start crying. And he didn’t care if the cup would come with the water as well.

Conclusion: “An insane person asked for sanity by demanding a cup of water in his face.”

Question: “Could a sane person get insane because of a cup of water in his or hers face?”

This is the first experiment in search for an answer.


fun, pain, research, water